Fit Mum- Packed Lunch

My biggest downfall in my weight loss journey is not bringing breakfast or lunch.

Last Thursday I went out and bought a lunch box.  Similar to this one.

I looked at those cute lunch box kits and found that I could get the rubbermade containers and my ice packs cheaper. So that’s what I did.  I also bought only fruits, vegetables and granola.

I forgot my lunch Wednesday.  But we had a team breakfast out and I was full all day from that.


What I learned about bringing my meals is that I’m a snacker.  I packed a banana, a yogurt, a cup of fruit, a cup of vegetables, and a salad with a veggie burger.  I didn’t eat my lunch I ate the burger then an hour or so later the vegetables… Good to know for next weeks meal prep 🙂

When you take the time you will notice your habits.  you can use that to change and alter your lifestyle so it works for you.