Arm Day- Week Three- Day one

Today was arm day.  I started off not pushing the weights and doing what the trainer said to do for weight.  It seemed super light (which is why I pushed up 10 pounds) but by the end of the strength training session my arms were jello and I wasn’t able to do full reps.


This time I made it to the end and only one machine I couldn’t do a full set but still did the three reps.

All weights were between 20-30 pounds.  3 sets of 12 reps.


I see a difference in my “bat wings” 🙂 wait for the 30 day after picture!

Week 2- Arm Day- Day one

I realized I never took a Before picture. So I made sure to take one today.

I only have one arm day technically last week. So not much of a change.


FitBit Charge HR is on the left arm and my tattoo for my daughter is on the right arm. I have a small one on my left wrist as well.  I feel stronger in my right arm, which makes sense since I am right hand dominant.

I did 3 reps of 10-12 on 30-40 pounds on the machines.  Some were harder, as I got closer to the end, and I didn’t do 3 reps.  I will have to push threw three reps next time.


Week One- Thursday

Was supposed to be arm day.  We did cardio for 15 minutes then I met with a trainer to go threw the machines.  Discuss goals and such.


Now I have a greater understanding of the machines and my favorite upper body and core machines were the ones I was most intimidated by!
Have you been to the gym and found yourself so overwhelmed? So many machines!!! Where do I start, how do I start, am I doing right?
Well to be honest, if there is a trainer included in your membership utilize it! If its not included and you don’t want to pay for one google it.
I knew from doing my own research I was going to alternate days- upper  and lower.  Every day is cardio and core (Back and Abs).


Knowing what you want to achieve ahead of time is your best bet.  I want to lose fat and tone up so I knew I had to do cardio for 30-45 minutes then strength train.

If you are trying to get big, you are going to want to do 5-10 minutes of a cardio to get the blood pumping and then do the strength training.   You don’t want to go straight to strength training. Your muscles are like a rubber band when they are cold they will snap and cause severe damage.  Make sure you warm them up with a little bit of cardio.


Enjoy your weekend all!