Back to it…

I mean I never fell off of working out.. But the diet started yesterday!

SO my boyfriend and I kicked off the 21 day fix. Worst part in that we haven’t taken our before pictures yet.. I NEED TO MAKE SURE I DO THAT!


Yesterdays meals:


Greek lowfat yogurt- 1 red

Blueberries- 1 purple

flax- 1 orange



Turkey- 1 red

2 whole wheat wraps- 1 yellow



sliced cucumbers- 1 green

1 hard boiled egg (with yolk)- 1 red




Buffalo chicken wrap from d’angelos- not sure the things for this… but I had stuff. The only thing I don’t think was on the list was the buffalo sauce.


I didn’t end up working out either.. Just wasn’t feeling it.


Put my meal in the app I have- “Lose it” I didn’t even get 1200 calories.. NOT GOOD!!!


Today I brought the same thing except an extra egg and an extra cup of veggies (One red and One green)


So my goals for the next 21 days:

  • drink all my water (at least 85 ounces)

  • Follow the 21 day fix plan

  • workout 5 times a week

  • 10,000 daily

  • not obsess about the number on the scale

What are your goals? Leave them in a comment!!