Feature Friday- Fit mum- Rebounding….

Never heard of it? Its ok neither did I!

where did this come from?

A coworker gave me her mini trampoline. Said if I don’t get use out of it at least the kids will enjoy it…

So I took to pinterest to find “workouts” involving a trampoline and viola… rebounding was discovered.

This is a great article on what it is

So I got it from my coworker on Wednesday evening. That evening we were busy running around… I got my new glasses, we got live rock for our tank, ate dinner (Red Robin.. YUMMM)… I did my usual jog in place getting 10k steps. I also figured out that to be at my step goal year to date I need to do an extra 2k steps a day… didnt happen. I was exhausted.

Mind you since Friday and well before I had been battling a cough and heaviness in my chest.  As of Thursday it seemed to get better. In fact Wednesday night I slept threw the night.. YAY!

So Thursday evening after taking to pinterest for workout ideas this is what I did:

I did my usual run in place on it.  So for 20 minutes I ran on this thing.  It was great.  I felt it in my right hip and in the backs of my thighs.  Def plan to use it again!




Did I mention that as of last week I lost 5 pounds?  No? Well I did!! WOOT WOOT!! its stayed that way since. But… baby steps right?! need another 50 to lose.  but also keeping in mind… muscle weighs more than fat.


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