Feature Friday- Fit mum- Rebounding….

Never heard of it? Its ok neither did I!

where did this come from?

A coworker gave me her mini trampoline. Said if I don’t get use out of it at least the kids will enjoy it…

So I took to pinterest to find “workouts” involving a trampoline and viola… rebounding was discovered.

This is a great article on what it is

So I got it from my coworker on Wednesday evening. That evening we were busy running around… I got my new glasses, we got live rock for our tank, ate dinner (Red Robin.. YUMMM)… I did my usual jog in place getting 10k steps. I also figured out that to be at my step goal year to date I need to do an extra 2k steps a day… didnt happen. I was exhausted.

Mind you since Friday and well before I had been battling a cough and heaviness in my chest.  As of Thursday it seemed to get better. In fact Wednesday night I slept threw the night.. YAY!

So Thursday evening after taking to pinterest for workout ideas this is what I did:

I did my usual run in place on it.  So for 20 minutes I ran on this thing.  It was great.  I felt it in my right hip and in the backs of my thighs.  Def plan to use it again!




Did I mention that as of last week I lost 5 pounds?  No? Well I did!! WOOT WOOT!! its stayed that way since. But… baby steps right?! need another 50 to lose.  but also keeping in mind… muscle weighs more than fat.

Best step day yet. 😊

Super proud. I hit 10k before the Super Bowl started and just kept going. 
Now I’m on a mission to find an app to track distance based on the steps and pace. For when I run in place vs outside. 

Yesterday I went for a run. I did 2 miles in 15 minutes. From what I’ve been told this is a good marathon speed. Soooo. I must be doing something right 👊🏼💪🏼

Feature Friday- A healthy YOU

You have to do it.

You have to make changes for you!

I haven’t been to the dentist since 09.  I have a cleaning Monday and yesterday I had full x-rays done.  No cavities still!! 30 years old and never had one! SCORE!!! I did chip a tooth which is the result of a calcium deficit which I was given paste to help restore. But also from teeth clenching when stressed/frustrated, more on this later.

Last year I saw an eye doctor for the first time since 09.  I will be going again on Saturday (Mainly because I lost my prescription and I need new glasses) I got myself prescription sun glasses last year.  With how much we were in the sun it was perfect.  This year I plan to get new glasses with transitional lenses so that when I go outside I don’t have to worry about carrying my other glasses.  This is how my new ones got scratched up.  I would switch pairs and drop them in my purse/bag.  Bad habits!

I have decided that Sundays are my “spa day” When my daughter goes to bed I take a detox bath using Dr Teals Detox and energize. I also have started doing DIY facials.  I don’t have any problems with my skin.  I mainly am doing it to help future issues.  keeping moisturized and stuff. I had been giving myself pedicures as well with Bath and Body Works foot soak and overnight use Bath and Body Works Foot cream with socks on. I will be investing in a foot jet thing.  Right now I soak in a bucket lol.

A healthy and less stress mum makes for a happy home.  Taking time to do something as small as soak in a tub, do your toes, tweeze your eyebrows.  Will not only help your confidence but give you time to get away from the world.

After seeing my dentist I noticed that my teeth clenching drives from biting my tongue with coparenting with my boyfriend.  We are two very different parents.  I am strict and he is laid back.  He constantly tells me to learn to not hear it, the kid doing something I don’t like (dude mans yo yo has this ringing noise and its nails on a chalk board to me..) So I will go for a run, take a tub, fold laundry. Just remove myself and take some time.


When was the last time you did something for the better of YOU?!