About The Fit Mum

Welcome to yet another one of my blogs! I am so happy you stopped by.  First let me tell you about this blog.

I started this blog to get it off my personal blog which I had been slacking on updating with other things.  But always had time to post about my fitness journey.  I  could have easily changed that blog to this but that would have meant losing all my other stuff and a place to put it for when I got back in the groove.  Winter is a bummer!!

Now about me.. I have always struggled with my appearance. I have never looked at myself in the mirror and thought “wow, you look AMAZING”… NEVER.  I get told I am beautiful and all that jazz. I don’t see it though.  In High School I struggled with an eating disorder.  Read about that here. Since that post I have gotten comfortable in my relationship, had no way of working out, and was under a lot of stress.  Inevitably I gained back that weight.

I got a fitbit on November 7, 2015 thanks to my amazing mother in law!!! Then in February I started using my boyfriends Charge HR. I love all the information it gives me on the app AND on the FitBit itself! I wrote a post here.  Follow my journey with fit bit easily by adding me as a friend!

The pages above go along with my journey of getting back on track and loving the woman in the mirror.  Check out the archives to see all my posts!

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